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Rome is a vast city and the capital of Italy spread out across a large area that at one time was actually villages on the hills that were enveloped through conquering leaders into this massive city. All those that wish to embrace Rome and learn what it feels like to say, "I am Roman." must hire a private guided tour company.

The only true way to feel the passion of the people of Rome is by having a true Roman as your tour guide. In Italy, one must know that a driver is a driver and a tour guide is a tour guide. By law, a person cannot perform the duties of a tour guide unless they have studied, passes tests, and been given a license from the Italian Government. If you happen to hear your taxi driver ask if you want a tour of Rome in which he will provide, you will not be receiving an official tour and may miss many of the wonders you wish to see.

A professional and licensed tour guide is passionate about their job and providing all visitors with an in-depth tour of Rome while allowing them to embrace the history, culture, and passion that is Rome.

By choosing a professional tour guide, you will also have the chance to create your own itinerary and see all the sights you wish to see even if you only have a few hours to explore. At Rome Tour, they are experts at creating custom tailor made tours that will ensure you and your family will be able to embrace Rome and feel the passion. With a private tailor made tour you will be treated like a VIP. You will not have to stand in long lines and you will avoid all the tourist traps. The tour guide wants to see all of Rome that you have time to see, avoiding the tourist traps and the long lines is the only way to ensure this can be accomplished.

No matter where you arrive, the airport or at the port, at Rome Tour they will meet you with a sign bearing your name. Then you will be off to meet your official tour guide. You will be able to share your thoughts on the sites you want to include in your tour or you can choose to take a private tour of the various faces of Rome. The faces of Rome are vast just as the 2500 years of history of Rome. Within Rome, you can visit Ancient Rome, Jewish Rome, Christian Rome, Renaissance Rome, Baroque Rome, Medieval Rome, and Underground Rome. Along with these options, you may wish to enjoy a cooking tour or a wine tasting wine, or possibly a Vatican City tour.

The choices are wonderful as you can embrace many wonderful sites to see around Rome with a personal tour guide that will be with you the entire time to ensure you are safe while making all the locations around Rome come to life.

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