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The Pantheon is a unique place to visit so be sure to include this site in your itinerary. The Pantheon is 1900 years old and is one of Rome's best-preserved ancient structures. Not only is an amazing to view, but the history of the Pantheon is one that must be embraced to fully enjoy the tour. If you truly wish to understand and enjoy the Pantheon, you should hire a professional official licensed tour guide that will make history come alive.

The Pantheon has been standing in the center of Rome since the early 2nd century somewhere between the reign of Hadrian in 119AD to 128AD. In the beginning, it is believed to have been built as a temple to twelve gods but was converted in 608AD into a Christian church.

At one time, the Pantheon had bronze cladding for the roof however; this was removed in 667 and was used by Bernini for Saint Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. The original bronze door greets visitors to this day.

Many churches in Rome contain tombs and the Pantheon is no different. You will be able to view the tombs of distinguished Italians including the Renaissance artist Raphael, King Umberto I, Vittorio Emanulae II, Vittorio Emanuale's Queen Margherita.

The unique design of the dome is one that draws much attention, as there is a hole in the dome that is the only light source. However, if it is raining outside, this is not the place to be, as rain will enter through the hole as well.

With an official tour guide, you will be able to learn all about the history of the Pantheon as well as learn the rest of the famous individuals that have their final resting place in the tombs.

Another place to visit while in Rome that may not look like much but has a rich history is the Circus Maximus. Today, you will find the Circus Maximus nearby the Roman Forum and the Coliseum.

This was the location of the chariot races during Julius Caesar's reign in the 7th century and even after until 550AD. Along with chariot races, mock battles for entertainment were performed. The spectator grandstands held up to 300,000 individuals that came to watch the action.

These are just a couple of the historical sites that you have included in your custom tour. The tour guides at Rome Tour ( can create custom and personal tours that will allow you to embrace the various eras of Roman life from ancient Rome to Medieval Rome to Renaissance Rome and more. With a tour created with the sites, you want to see you will be able to enjoy more than just a tour, but an adventure through the lives of the Romans that once called the Eternal City home.

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