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Official Vatican guide - Private tours of The Vatican City, Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

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Official Vatican tour guide

As you make plans to visit the Vatican, you will begin to make a list of the various sights you would like to see such as the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peters Basilica, and the Vatican Gardens. Once you have your list, you will then believe you can just walk through Saint Peters Square and see all the sights on your own. This is true, you can in fact see the majority of the sights home in Vatican City without a tour guide, however, there are many benefits of having an official Vatican tour guide that you may have not thought of while planning your itinerary.

The benefits of having an official Vatican tour guide will soon be realized if you decide to go it alone or in a large group of other tourists. The first thing you will realize is that you have to stand in line for sometimes a very long time before entering Saint Peters Square. This long line can be bypassed with a personal tour with an official Vatican tour guide. The next thing you may notice are the tourist traps. Of course, there are tourist traps outside the Vatican. Everyone wants to make money; however, you want to see Vatican City not the tourist traps. With an official Vatican tour guide, you will be able to avoid the tourist traps.

Okay, you finally made it into Saint Peters Square. No matter where you look, there are lines to enter the various sights. You have already lost precious time waiting in line just to enter Vatican City and now you must wait in line again to view all the treasures that call the Vatican home. With an official Vatican tour guide, you can bypass all the lines at every sight. You and your family will be the only ones along on the tour so you will not have to stand in lines at all.

Once you are inside the Vatican Museums, you will surely need your official Vatican tour guide to explain the various treasures you are viewing, as many do not have labels of any kind. An official Vatican tour guide is well educated and knows all the history as well as the creator of the various precious items found in Vatican City.

With your own personal official Vatican tour guide, you will have at your disposal a passionate tour guide that truly wants you to enjoy your tour as well as provide you with an in-depth tour of all the sights around Vatican City.

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