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The Colosseum is one of the world’s greatest mysteries? How come people of long ago can get so intelligent and intuitive in their design skills that they can build one massive structure? It can even contain as much as 60,000 people who could enter into the venue through 80 arches.

However, the Colosseum is more than jus an amphitheater. It also speaks about the culture of the ancient Romans, who were fond of battles, victory, losses, and liberation. The Colosseum, which could have been named after the statue of Colossus situated near it and for its gigantic size, was built during the Flavian dynasty. Gladiator games and circuses were two of the best forms of entertainment organized by the heads of state, so they can gain favor from the crowd.

Today, the Colosseum can contain as much as 50,000 visitors who are on their Colosseum tour every year. Though ruined, you can still see the four divisions, including the Roman aqueduct, which used to bring water into the stadium, and the topmost portions of the main floor, which will give you a perfect view of the Arch Constantine and the Roman Forum.

Stroll with a Limousine

Though a typical Colosseum tour is done by walking, as most of the best sites are located nearby, it’s advisable to use your car or hire a limousine driver, who will gladly take you around the building. This way you can surely have a complete glimpse of the exterior of the ruins, including its extension. It will also save you a lot of hours, which you can utilize to visit other places of interest.

The Best Time for Colosseum Tour

If you’re basically visiting Rome alone, and you don’t like being in so much crowd, then the best time to engage in a Colosseum tour is during the morning. The lights still appear luminous, and you can practically take snapshots without so much of a hassle. You can even pose for pictures together with gladiator impersonators. Usually, the building is open for a Colosseum tour between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. It can extend, though, to even 6:00 p.m. on summertime.

You can also opt to get a private guided Coliseum tour, where a Official Rome Tour Guide will deeply show you around the important areas of the Coliseum. This is the best recourse for first-timers, as there’s minute possibility of getting lost.

If you settle for a private tour guide, then you have to make advanced reservation. Prices vary, depending on how many people are participating the private tour. Usually, however, they don’t include the transportation from your hotel to the venue, as well as entrance fee. They will only cover the fee for the tour guide.

Oftentimes, too, you will get to meet “free” tour guides. Stay away from them since they are not legal! They are not Official Guides, they just work for independent travel tours.

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