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Today, you can experience a wide variety of cooking tours around the world that will allow you to not only enjoy the delightful cuisine of an area but also learn how to create a few authentic dishes.

At Rome Tour, you can enjoy one of these special dinner parties at the home of the cook while meeting new friends that are true Romans. What better way to enjoy an Italian meal than with a true Italian cook with Italians sitting around the dinner table?

As you look out over the eternal city while sipping on "Prosecco" and eating "bruschetta" and "sfizi" you will truly be in the mood to learn how to cook a few of the delicious treats that will be enhanced by utilizing all the ingredients that would normally be in these dishes. Most people today consider spaghetti or other Italian foods to be nothing more than sauce from a jar or can, hamburger meat, and of course, spaghetti noodles, however, this is not the way in which an Italian would fix this meal.

You can help the cook prepare a menu of the delights you would like to enjoy eating and learning how to create which makes the cooking tour even more fascinating. A sample menu would be Saltimbocca alla Romana, Pasta all’amatriciana, Parmigiana’s eggplant, carciofi alla romana, tomato sauce, and tiramisu.

With a cooking tour, you will not only be able to enjoy the tasty treats created by the cook, but you will be able to converse with true Romans and enjoy an evening of relaxation while embracing the Roman culture and friendliness.

A cooking tour and class is a treat that many people never have the chance to enjoy. With Rome Tour you will soon be able to cook the same dishes when you return home and amaze your family and friends with new, exciting, and authentic Roman cuisine that you learned to prepare from a true Roman. Instead of searching through the various cookbooks you have lying around and hoping to find an authentic recipe you will know what ingredients are used more often from true Italians to ensure all of your meals are more original that a can of spaghetti sauce.

While in Rome visiting all the major attractions be sure to reserve time for a cooking tour, you will be disappointed with the wonderful meal you will watch being prepared and of course, the new friends you will meet.

Rome is fascinating in all aspects whether it is its history, its culture, the passion, or its cuisine. Be sure to include as much as you can during your vacation, so you can truly feel what it means to be Roman.

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