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When you think of Rome what comes to mind? Gladiators, the Vatican, Emperors, kings, the Renaissance, and castles, are just the beginning. Rome is a city full of modern attractions as well as a fascinating history dating back 2500 years.

Rome is one of the oldest cities in the world with reminisces of the various centuries scattered throughout the vast city. Throughout time, the city through various leaders conquered neighboring villages on the seven hills surrounding what is now the center of Rome to become the immense city you see today. Today, travelers come from around the world to embrace Rome and see all the remnants of days gone by that may be in ruins, but provide a glimpse into the past of those that once called Rome home.

From the beauty of the countryside to the marvelous architectural designs Rome is home to many splendid attractions that will give each member of your family something to see and talk about during their vacation. As you travel through the streets, alleys, and passageways you will find many wonderful historical sights to see without even entering a museum including basilicas, churches, squares, monuments, buildings from various eras, parks, and more. Rome has much to offer not only in beauty but also in history. From early Christians, to the movement from paganism into Christianity, to gladiators and sea battles, and to Emperors to slaves there is history all around you that is there for your family to embrace and explore.

Whether you wish to discover the ancient ruins of Rome, structures from Medieval Rome, buildings from Renaissance Rome or you wish to marvel at the beautiful and serene parks that have been a part of Rome for centuries you will truly enjoy every step you take.

A few of the most popular attractions that you must include on your itinerary are the Roman Forum, the Coliseum, Museo e Galleria Borghese, Pantheon, Capuchin Cemetery, Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano, and Trevi Fountain to name a few.

You can choose to hire an official licensed tour guide that will ensure you capture the true Rome by guiding you through the various attractions while avoiding all the tourist traps. After your tour, you can enjoy many of the nightlife attractions.

If you believe you can see all there is to see in Rome in one day, you will very much disappointed. However, with an official tour guide you will be able to view many of the highlights of Rome and be sure to make a stop at Trevi Fountain. The legend of this famous fountain claims that if you throw a coin over your shoulder and into the fountain you will return to Rome. Why not try it? Who knows you may be able to stay longer and explore of the Eternal City on your next visit.

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