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You may believe that Rome has nothing for the kids to do, but this is s far from the truth. The truth is Rome is an open-air museum that has something new and exciting to see and explore around every corner. If you have kids along on your vacation to Rome, you can rest assured they will enjoy a great time exploring and having fun with all the wonderful activities that Rome has in store.

With kids, you must find a few activities that are sure they will enjoy according to their age. Explora is a wonderful treat for children from about age three to seven. The children will be able to enjoy shopping at a grocery store, visit their own post office, bank, toy store, and restaurant. The fun for adults is to watch their little ones shopping and buying things in their own little town designed just for them.

Adults and children alike enjoy the puppet show at Teatro S. Carlino. Along with watching, the authentic show the kids can become involved in the workshop where they will learn a bit about making puppets.

Who doesn't enjoy visiting a zoo? The zoo known as Bioparco is home to over 114 animals along with a zoological garden. This will help give your kids some running around time while you enjoy the relaxation of the scenery and the amazing animals.

Older children love the Capuchin crypt. The Capuchin Crypt is home in the Santa Maria della Concezione Church. You will be able to go underground into the crypt and view sculptures created with the bones of the monks that were buried here. The bones were collected from friars that were buried here during 1528 until 1870. The human bones were used to create many unique objects including a clock.

The Museum of Roman Civilization is another place to add to your journey for the kids. At the start, you will found yourself in an early Roman civilization, and then head off to the Planetarium and the Astronomical Museum. Some of the wonders the kids will enjoy the Circus Maximums, the Roman Coliseum, and the Baths of Diocletian. One major attraction is the journey that starts on Earth and takes you to a virtual landing on the moon and then off again throughout the entire Solar System planets and interstellar space.

Of course, you can talk with an official Rome and Vatican guide that will help you create a custom tour that the entire family will enjoy. By providing the tour guide with the ages of the children, they can create a tailor made guided tour with the kids in mind to help them embrace Rome and learn all about the amazing secrets of the eternal city. Remember, Rome is an open-air museum, kids love the wonders that are found all around, and with a private tour guide, and they can help make Rome alive to all ages.

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