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Rome can be a very enjoyable experience even for family with kids. Your first stop should be Rome Tour. Here you will find a personal tour guide that will help you plan an itinerary that will include all the major attractions and many places the kids will enjoy as well. You can always plan to use their services and take all kinds of tours while in between the tours let your children run around and enjoy the Villa Borghese. Here you will love the peace and quiet with several prestigious sculptures, 35 fountains, and plenty of room to romp. Along with the space, your kids make like to ride a pony or the entire family can rent a bike and enjoy the park.

However, did you know there are many places you would enjoy visiting that the children will love just as much, according to their ages. The Cappuccin Crypt, Church of Santa Maria della Immacolata Concezione offers your kids the chance to see human bones of Monks in this kind of creepy crypt. Of course, for the younger kids this might not be as enjoyable, but for boys and teenagers this is intriguing. The Catacombs and crypt are sure to have everyone holding hands before you reach the end no matter the age.

The Vatican Museums can be great for kids of all ages, here they will be able to see mummies, weapons, and of course, you will enjoy all the masterpieces of the world’s famous paintings including Michelangelo.

You can always divide your time and give the kids a real treat by taking them to Via delle Tre Fontane the only entertainment theme park in Rome. Here your kinds will love the carnival rides, a spooky haunted house, a roller coaster, and a variety of games. Once the kids are satisfied, you can then visit other points of interest for the adults.

For those hot days in Rome, you can always take the kids to Hydromania, which is a big water park. This way the kids can enjoy cooling off and you can rest awhile or join in and splash about.

You can take your kids to the Bocca della Verità and explain the legend of the gaping stone face that will bite off the hand of a liar as you get them to place their hand in the “mouth of truth”, before you snap their picture. Hopefully, you can get that shot before they jerk their little hand away.

The best way to plan a trip to Rome with kids is by talking with a private guide. A private guide that is a true resident of Rome, like, will be able to give you the inside scoop of the fun things to do in Rome with since they live there and take their kids around the city. Instead of taking the advice of a tour company with employees only hired for the tourist season, learn expert advice from true professionals that call Rome home.

Rome is a great location for a family vacation where every one of all ages will be able to embrace the culture and atmosphere that makes Rome one of the most popular destinations in the world.

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