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No there is no way you can see all there is to see in Rome in only one day. However, you can with a personal tour guide see many of the main attractions and learn about the history through your passionate guide. The way you can do this is reserve a personal tour guide for your tour in Rome. An official tour guide can help you avoid all the long lines, take you through hidden alleys and passageways, as well as make sure you do not fall prey to tourist traps. In this manner, you will be able to embrace Rome and see many of the wonderful sights.

Before you take off on your journey, you must first decide what Rome you wish to visit. Remember, Rome has a history that spans 2500 years and there are many things to see. The most popular tours of Rome include Ancient Rome, Jewish Rome, Christian Rome, Renaissance & Baroque Rome, Medieval Rome, and Underground Rome. Therefore, you will know what you can expect from each tour, the highlights of each are below.

Ancient Rome offers visitors the chance to see the Roman Colliseum, the Roman Forum, and Capitoline Hill.

Jewish Rome offers a tour of the Jewish district, Tiber Island and the Campo de' Fiori.

Christian Rome offers Catacombs located along the Ancient Appian Way, the Basilica of Saint Paul outside the Walls, the Baths of Caracalla, and the Circus Maximus.

Renaissance & Baroque Rome offers a visit to the Rococo Trevi Fountain and the Navona Square.

Medieval Rome tours offer a visit to the Basilica of Saint Mary in Trastevere and the Trastevere area.

Underground Rome tours offer a unique tour of the Catacombs under the Roman Houses on Caelian Hill.

With a personal tour guide, you can choose the various attractions you wish to see instead of just choosing an area of Rome to visit. With your own personal tour guide, your wishes are at the top of the list to make your visit to Rome one that will be special and will be remembered for years to come.

You may decide that you want to include the various churches, monuments, parks, and buildings in your tour; this will be an exciting way to embrace Rome while learning more about the eternal city. Many guests love to include a visit to the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, or Saint Peter’s Basilica while others wish to stroll through the world’s largest collection of art in the Vatican Museums.

The best way to see Rome in one day is to talk with a professional official tour guide that will help create an itinerary to fit your lifestyle or your dreams. Let Rome envelope you with its passion, culture, and history.

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