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Many visitors to Rome plan to visit all the sights and never think about shopping much except for things they need to purchase or souvenir shops. Well, Rome is a popular hubbub of fashion with shops that you will not find in the touristy areas. A matter of fact you may not even find the shops at all.

The best way to find all those quaint and unique shops around Rome is with a custom shopping tour. An expert shopper will be at your side taking you to all the shops that you wish to browse and purchase unique items you can only find in Italy or at least where you can find the original designer of those items you buy elsewhere.

A great company offering tailor made shopping tours is Rome Tour ( They have trained professional drivers, tour guides, and yes, even an expert shopper among their awesome team. They will help create a custom shopping experience including all the type of shops you wish to visit such as wine merchants, antique shops, fashion boutiques, silk shops, artisan shops, leather shops, jewelry stores, and Catholic stores.

With an idea of the types of items you wish to browse your shopping guide will create a once in a lifetime tailor made private shopping tour so you can find all the unique items you wish to purchase as a reminder of your time in Rome.

Instead of trying to locate the shops on your own or getting directions from other tourists or if you are lucky enough from a local, with a private shopping guide, you will be able to enjoy all the shops. You will be able to browse at your leisure in quaint shops with a friend by your side, just like at home when shopping with your best friend. The guide will not just hand you directions, but will go with you to ensure you avoid tourist traps while keeping an eye on your safety against pickpockets as well.

With a shopping tour, you will be able to find the perfect Italian made item for friends or for yourself such as handmade briefcases and other fashions from designers like Fendi, Gucci, Prada, and Valentino.

Rome is full of delightful stores that are not found on the beaten path and this is the reason that many tourist to find these awesome items. With your tour guide by your side, you will discover all kinds of shops including handmade tailored clothing stores; handmade shoe stores, and of course fashion designer's shops as mentioned above.

One thing about Rome that many guests to do know is that the specialty shops such as original Italian made items cannot be found by searching through a telephone directory. Many of the shops are down narrow streets without any type of storefront or advertisement for their business. This is where you will find the perfect handmade shoes, cashmere suit, or even fine jewelry.

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