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Rome may be an awesome city for adults to enjoy all the history and beauty that makes this city one of the most popular destinations in the world, however, if you plan to bring the children along, you must include some kid type adventures, or you will have unhappy and possibly crying children on your hands. If your children are unhappy, you will surely not enjoy the sights.

According to the age of the children, you will find many wonderful ways in which to enjoy Rome and include activities the kids will enjoy as well. You can always break up the day by visiting attractions you want to see and then spend a portion of the day giving your children memories they will not soon forget as well.

Children from around age 3 to 7 enjoy Explora, Rome’s Children’s Museum. This unique museum is unlike any other in the world, which offers children the chance to explore a child size town complete with a grocery store, a bank, a post office, a fire engine, toyshop, restaurant and more. The children will be able to buy supplies and even use the cash register. A great way for the children to enjoy their own tiny town while you come along for the fun with your kids in charge.

Children of all ages and even adults are sure to watch an authentic puppet show at Teatro S. Carlino. Along with the puppet show, your children will be able to get involved with workshops such as puppet making and bodily expression.

Everyone has a fun time at the zoo and in Rome, you will find a wonderful zoo called Bioparco. In addition to being a zoo with over 1114 animals of all kinds, Bioparco is also a zoological garden with the commitment to the conservation of animal species threatened with extinction.

If you have older children that are bored at visiting the majority of historical sights you wish to see, take them to visit the Capuchin crypt if they are not scared of actual human bones. The Capuchin crypt is located at the Santa Maria della Concezione Church. At the Capuchin crypt, you will be able to venture down into the crypt and catacombs that has a permanent exhibit of bone sculptures. The bones were collected and used to create the sculptures from friars that were buried here between 1528 and 1870. This will an adventure your teenagers are sure to talk about when they get home from their vacation.

The Museum of Roman Civilization may be one of the most fascinating museums to visit that has something for all ages. You begin with a trip through early Roman civilization and then venture off among the stars at the Planetarium and end the visit at the Astronomical Museum. A few of the attractions in the museum portion are the Circus Maximus, the intact Colosseum, and the Baths of Diocletian. Then off to the Planetarium area with a magical view of the sky over Rome along with magnificent images, videos, and animations in three directions provided by the star projector. The last stop will take guests on a virtual journey beginning on Earth then traveling on with a virtual landing on the Moon, which is followed by a journey to the Solar System planets and the interstellar space.

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