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Rome is a famous city that spans over 2500 years home on the western coast of Italy. The eternal city has a reputation of lasting through various conquerors, eras, and practically devastation. However, Rome has stood through it all with all kinds of unique historical ruins standing as a remembrance to all that lived and died for their country and their culture.

In the very beginning, Rome was home on the Tiber River. Through time, the seven small hills of the area, Palatine, Aventine, Capitoline, Quirinal, Viminal, Caelian, and Esquiline all became what we call Rome today. These hills were all villages or towns divided by marshes that over the centuries were drained and people began to call the area home. Finally, even the hills to the north Monte Mario and Monte Sacro were also included into the boundaries of Rome. Today, Rome is a vast metropolitan city with historical ruins and artifacts dotting the countryside.

As one begins to explore the wonders in and around Rome, they can embrace the beauty and culture of all those that one time or another called Rome home.

With a professional tour guide ( you will be able to experience Rome through the various myths, legends, and tales as there is no written records of the early Romans. Through the stories of your tour guide you will be able to envision the life of these early Romans, visit the various ruins and learn about the date of creation along with the purpose of each ancient structure, such as the Colisseum. As you stroll along the streets of Rome with your tour guide you will find all kinds of wonderment from ancient ruins, to unique shops, monuments dating back to early Christian history, pagan temples, and of course delightful restaurants to give your palate a treat.

Rome has a rich history and with a professional tour guide you will be able to walk through the various eras of history beginning with the dawning of Rome to the modern and unique fashion designers that are now a part of modern day Rome. Walking in the footsteps of emperors and others that have made Rome the city it is today along with the fascinating rendition of the tales throughout history makes the guided tour fun for every member of your family no matter the age.

With a passionate tour guide you will be able to embrace the culture and see all the sights of Rome and the surrounding area while learning all the secrets of the various individuals that once called Rome home from the tales of Romulus with legends that he was the first to settle the city in 753 BC. However, as far as anyone can tell Romulus was a mythical person such as others you will learn about during your guided tour.

Rome is fascinating whether you are enjoy a delicious treat or delving into the ancient ruins.

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