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For any person that has never been to Rome it can be hard to imagine what the city of Rome is really like. It may be very difficult to prepare yourself for your visit as once you are there, you will be surrounded by a city that has a history dating back 2500 years. Rome is full of many spectacular sights, things to do, and various attractions. There are a few popular attractions that you must not miss in order to tell family and friends that you truly visited Rome.

Rome is home to many wonderful places for relaxation, meditation, history, and above all else culture. You will be able to embrace a city that has literally something for everyone from the children to the senior citizens. You can enjoy such things as water parks and ancient ruins, playgrounds and vineyards. Rome is home to many delightful restaurants and quaint shops offering handmade treats as well as designer shoes created while you wait.

Rome is one of the most popular destinations for family vacations. The weather is mild even in the winter. Winter months are a bit on the rainy side but you can enjoy many of the activities, as you will not have to worry about snow and ice. Any time you can vacation in Rome will be a great time. The off-season for traveling is from October to March, so not too many tourists are here during this of the year, but this does not mean you cannot enjoy all that Rome has to offer. A matter of fact, during the off-season, you will see that it is not as crowded.

As you plan your trip to Rome, it is often a good idea to talk with a professional tour guide. The main reason for this, if it is your first visit, you may not know your way around and can fall prey to many tourist traps. Not only this, but you want to ensure that you can visit all the most popular attractions and not miss even one. With a professional guide, they will be able to create an itinerary so you can see all the sights while they give you an in-depth tour and history of each location.

Top attractions in Rome include the Colliseum, Roman Forum, Vatican City, and the Catacombs to name a few. Of course, there are many wonders on every street in Rome, from monuments to parks, from cafes to ruins, from shops to museums. No matter what you wish to see an official Rome tour guide will be able to create a private tour so you can enjoy all the attractions you wish to see and explore.

Embrace Rome with a passionate tour guide and you will not only see Rome, but you will feel the passion that is Rome.

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