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A private tour of the Vatican Gardens may be one of the most special tours in the world especially when you learn the history of this beautiful and serene area of Vatican City.

Many believe that earth brought from Golgotha by Saint Helena was spread over there area to symbolically unite the blood of Christ with the blood that was shed by thousands of early Christians that were persecuted under the rule of Nero.

Where the Vatican Gardens are today was once the area known as Nero's circus. Here is where thousands of Christians were martyred and Saint Peter was crucified upside down. Today, the area of Vatican City, Holy See is protected by Medieval and Renaissance walls as well as the Swiss Guards and their own police force.

The Vatican Garden history as we know it today began in 1279 when Nicolas III moved to the Vatican. From his presence until today, popes have used the gardens as a serene place for private mediation. The Vatican Gardens occupy 23 hectares and are scattered with medieval fortifications, monuments from the 9th century and forward, beautiful flowerbeds, green lawns, topiary, and a large forest. A few of the wonders you will see include evergreen magnolia, Japan's sago palms, Lebanon's cedars, North America's maples, Tasmania's eucalyptus, and more all living together for the beauty of those that wish to visit.

With a private tour of the Vatican Gardens, you will be able to stroll and learn the history of the various sculptures, fountains, and monuments that dot the countryside. You will be able to enjoy all the beauty and serenity the Vatican Gardens have to offer with a personal tour and not stand in the long lines waiting for your turn. You can rest and soak in the beauty as well as the solitude that makes the Vatican Gardens one of the most peaceful and beautiful gardens in the world.

The history and beauty are blended together to provide visitors with a unique and relaxing tour while you learn all you can from your official tour guide. Of course, a tour of the Vatican Gardens must be one that you include on your trip to Rome. If you miss this amazing garden that has been preserved as well as added to throughout history you will be missing one of the most remarkable places to visit in the world.

The Vatican is not open on holidays including January 1st, January 6th, March 19th, April 9th, May 1st, May 17th, June 7th , June 29th , August 15th , August 16th , November 1st , December 8th , December 25th , and December 26th. There is also a strict dress code throughout Italy to enter churches, which is that no bare shoulders are allowed, no shorts, and no mini-skirts.

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