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You will many say that ďa trip to Rome is not complete if you do not visit the VaticanĒ. This could be nothing more than the truth as the Vatican holds a wealth of knowledge, beauty, and history of its own that makes it one of the treasures of Rome.

The major problem with visiting the Vatican or any portion of the Vatican including the Sistine Chapel, Saint Peterís Basilica, the Vatican Gardens, the Vatican Museums, or the Papal audience are the long lines. You may find a few website offering tickets, however, these are not legitimate. The only way to get around the long lines is with a private tour guide. The good news with a private tour guide such as Rome Tour is that you can even tickets to the Papal Audience, which is a rare treat. The tickets will allow you to attend the Papal Audience that His Holiness Benedict XVI gives every Wednesday at 10:30am in Saint Peterís Square.

Not only will you be able to attend the Papal Audience if you choose, but you will be able to pass up the long lines and visit all the wonderful sights to see in the entire area of the Vatican without all the crowds. Your personal tour guide will gently guide you through the various sections of the Vatican Museums while providing you with the history of the paintings, the sections, and more.

Vatican guided tours are not like the ones you see where many people gather together to take a tour with a guide that was only hired for the season that has memorized the specific wording to use. A private tour guide such as ones from Rome Tour will give you personal attention and if you ask a question concerning a specific painting, sculpture, or even a fountain, they will be able to give you an educated and knowledgeable answer as their passion is providing you a tour of the Vatican that will allow you to embrace the history, culture, and beauty of the city as well.

From the Basilica of St. Peter to the Sistine Chapel your Vatican guided tours will be an enjoyable experience full of life and atmosphere. You will never have to be all the way in the back of a crowd trying desperately to hear the tour guide explain what you can peak at under someoneís arm. You will have a front row seat so to speak with your own private guide.

Instead of hoping to visit the Vatican, contact Rome Tour for your own personal Vatican guided tour. After your visit, you will take home more memories and be ready to plan your next trip back to Rome so you can experience even more of the Vatican or Rome itself. And when you go back you will tell your friends that you get the best!

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