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The Vatican Gardens are one of the most popular attractions to visit while in Rome. The Vatican gardens, which dates back to medieval times is home to 58 acres of gardens. Among the beautiful greenery you will be able to partake of the delightful winding paths, the magnificent colorful flowers, the massive oaks, and of course the ancient fountains and pools that have withstood time.

With an official Vatican guide, you will not only be able to soak up the beauty and the atmosphere that is sure to rejuvenate your body and soul, but you will be able to learn the historical development of the Vatican gardens. Learning the history significance of the various areas of the garden, you will be able to embrace the Vatican Gardens with a different perspective than just an average visitor.

Of course, any visitor to the Vatican Gardens will love the beauty and will be able to bask in the peace and solitude, however, once you realize all significance both historical and religiously you will have a new found love for the gardens as well as Rome.

With an official Vatican guide you will be embrace the development of every fountain, sculpture, and mosaic which will bring more meaning to the garden than just as a beautiful garden for peace and tranquility. An official Vatican guide will allow the Vatican Gardens come to life through the historical timeline that will surely impress anyone that the gardens have withstood time to be here today for us to enjoy.

Along with visiting the Vatican Gardens, your official Vatican guide will also be able to take you the breath-taking Sistine Chapel through a privileged entrance, so you will not have to worry about the crowds or other tourist.

If you are visiting Rome by way of a cruise liner, then you should consider contacting an official Vatican guide such as Rome Tour so you will be able to embrace all that Rome has to offer especially the Vatican in a short amount of time.

Rome Tour guides specialize in providing tours for small groups, individuals, and families whether meeting them at the dock of their cruise liner, airport, or at their hotel. Touring the Vatican Gardens, the Vatican, or any area of Rome with Rome Tour is one of the best ways in which to experience the culture and atmosphere of Rome with official guides that love Rome as their home. The Vatican Gardens will be a treat that you will truly remember if you use an official Vatican guide that will ensure the gardens come to life through the history and beauty that is there to behold.

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