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Rome is a wonderful place for a family vacation and for those that have children. Whether you wish to have a fun filled day exploring all the activities your children will enjoy or if you wish to talk with a professional tour guide that can aid in creating an itinerary that will surely please every member of the family. You must remember, Rome is an open-air museum full of many wonderful things to see that will keep every member of the family happy.

One hot stop for families is the Villa Borghese with plenty of room for the kids to run and play while the adults enjoy the beauty of the 35 fountains and the many sculptures that dot the area. Along with strolling through the area, the kids may love a pony ride or even take a bike ride to see the countryside.

Another awesome site in Rome is the Cappuccin Crypt, especially for boys. The crypt is found in the Church of Santa Maria della Immacolata Concezione, well really underneath the church. Here there are many objects created with the bones of monks such as a clock and more. Teenage boys really enjoy this tour but all ages can enjoy the uniqueness of the objects and the design of the ancient crypt.

The Roman Coliseum will be exciting as the tour guide explains the gladiator fights, sea battles, and animals that fought here to entertain the ancient Romans. The tour is a unique experience that children enjoy just as much as the adults.

Vatican City with all its masterpieces and historical artifacts are fascinating to children of all ages. Along with the historical artifacts, documents, and artwork by famous artists such as Michelangelo there are also weapons and mummies.

A visit to Via delle Tre Fontane is a great place for the kids to enjoy a few hours with a haunted house, carnival rides, games, and a roller coaster. You can always enjoy a tour before or after taking the kids to play here or take a dip at the water park, the Hydromania. The idea is to give your children fun and exciting adventures that they will remember as well.

The best way to ensure that all members of your family will love the tours is by meeting with a professional tour guide. Once the guide has a bit of information on the ages of the children in the family and your desires, they will be able to create a custom tour that will ensure everyone in the family will have a pleasant and enjoy tour while embracing the history of Rome.

Before you leave Rome, take the kids to the Bocca della Verità. The legend of the stone face is one that has kids wondering if they should really place their hand in the mouth of the stone face. This stone face is known as the "mouth of truth" and as the legend goes, it will bite the hand of a liar.

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