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Rome is a city that is full of several historical sights all over the city however; just like many vacation destinations, it is also full of tourist traps as well as unsafe areas of town. For those wishing to enjoying walking around Rome to see the sights, you must either stay with the other tourists and stand in long lines, or you can choose the better alternative and hire a private guide. With a private guide your safety as well as your enjoyment is the most important thing. This means your private official guide will ensure that you avoid long lines and tourist traps as well as keep an eye out for your safety.

You may think that taking a tour bus or riding around in a taxi is the best way to see Rome, but this is not true. In Italy, a taxi driver cannot be a tour guide. You must have a professional license in order to perform the duties of a tour guide thus, you will not learn anything about the wonders you are viewing

On the other hand, with an official licensed tour guide you can rest assured that you are in the best hands for traveling around Rome, seeing the sights and learning about the culture and history with a passionate guide.

Private guides at Rome Tour are passionate about Rome and their jobs. They want to convey this to all visitors to Rome so they will be able to take a bit of Rome home with them in their hearts. With a tour guide that is passionate about their home, you will be able to see the true Rome behind the tourist traps and travel the paths of the real Romans in order to see all the highlights.

With a private tour guide, you can enjoy many of the attractions including touring the City Harbor of Ostia, the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Catacombs, Capitoline Hill, the Basilica of Saint Paul, the Circus Maximum, and the Baths of Caracalla. You may even wish to include a tour of Vatican City with its world-renowned Vatican Museums offering you the chance to view masterpieces of such artists as Michelangelo. You will have the benefits of a true Roman that knows their way around Rome and show all the wonderful places that offer local cuisine, secret passageways to avoid tourist traps and of course learn about the history of every site you visit.

You can also create your own itinerary with a tour guide so you will have the chance to see all the sites you have only dreamed of seeing. A professional tour guide will help you create a tour with all your favorite sites in mind so you can embrace Rome as you have always dreamed. With a personal tour, you will truly learn what it is like to be Roman.

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