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Visiting Rome is a unique experience that can encompass many aspects including the people, the culture, the art, the history, and of course the passion of this eternal city. The problem is when many arrive in Rome, they have no idea where to start and often since there is so much to see and do, miss some of the most attractions.

If you are using a cruise as your transportation to Rome, in many cases, you will dock in Civitavecchia. From here, you will need to find transportation to Rome and hope you can fit in as many sights as possible before your cruise liner leaves the port.

Whether you have chosen Rome as your entire vacation destination or are visiting by way of a cruise, you will want to make the most of the time you have and visit as many popular sights as possible. Now, comes the real problem. You decide to visit the Sistine Chapel. However, when you arrive there is a long line and you wonder how in the world you will make it to visit The Vatican.

You change your mind due to the long line and visit a tour company. You start on the tour, quickly learn this is not a great way to see anything at all since you are in the back of the crowd, and cannot hear one word the tour guide is speaking.

Before you venture off to Rome, you should look for a private guided tour. Yes, that is right, one that lives in Rome, is passionate about Rome, and one that will help you create an itinerary so you will not miss the beauty, atmosphere, culture, and passion that abounds. offers many wonderful guided tours of Rome that will surely allow you to see Rome in its true light, without all the tourist traps and crowds. You will be able to actually see all the attractions you desire with your own personal driver and tour guide that will assist you and your family every step of the way.

As you take a tour, you will be able to feel the passion of the tour guide instead of trying to hear the boring rambles of a seasonal guide that is only here for the tourist season and then flies back home. You will have an official guide that calls Rome home, therefore the passion for the eternal city is present in all they say and do, engulfing you in the true history and culture of Rome.

A guided tour of Rome, will allow you private passage for many of the crowded attractions where you will be able to enjoy the artwork, without the crowd pushing you away so they can see.

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